Dan Terry

Dan Terry

Senior Experience Designer

As a child, Dan would fall into a Zen-like state while untangling gnarled heaps of cables and cords. Never losing his obsession with minutia, he grew into an art geek and a tech nerd – and design became an exciting way to tease out the threads of complex problems and reimagine systems through visually compelling solutions.

Dan is a systems-focused product designer with a heart for solving human problems. Within his previous UX/UI and product design experience within the healthcare sphere, Dan has built impactful designs that connect clinical oncologists with cancer genomicists through thoughtful research and co-design strategies. He's also designed interfaces for cryptocurrency wallets and cybersecurity threat management systems.

In his free time, Dan enjoys painting, hiking & kayaking, reading spy novels, and studying genomics. He also devotes time to his passion projects – working on creative solutions for encryption and data visualization.

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